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Your business event is more than the coming together of staff, stakeholders,'s an opportunity.  An opportunity to reaffirm and reinforce your corporate identity - to stand apart from others, to make an impression, to increase visibility and to exude that professionalism that undoubtedly already permeates through everything you do as an organisation.

There is a body of research which examines exactly how different types of music affects behaviour within a specific environment - I won't go into the detail here, but suffice to say, but it’s an important factor in creating a specific ambience for an event whether it's a small business lunch, networking event, drinks reception or awards ceremony.

I am based in Belfast but I provide piano music for corporate functions across all of Northern Ireland.

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I'd be delighted to work with you in planning and executing a truly exceptional corporate function.  You can get in touch through my contact form, or by email, details of which can be accessed by clicking on the button to the right.